3D interpretation and modelisation: anglerfish himantolophus groenlandicus

3D scientific interpretation: anglerfish

3D scientific interpretation project for a species of anglerfish himantolophus groenlandicus for the needs of the 2024 exhibition “Ocean, an unusual dive in Normandy”. The Atrium, Rouen, France.

The 3D model made from photos, printed in 3D then colored.

Project carried out in collaboration with Térésa Ribeyron and Samuel Iglésias National Museum of Natural History, Paris.

3D interpretation: black figure amphorae- Theseus Fighting The Minotaur

3D interpretation: black figure amphora

3D interpretation of black figure amphora representing Theseus fighting the Minotaur. Athens 55-520 BC- BnF dep. coins, medals and antiques. Personal project …

3D interpretation: micro algae

3D scientific interpretation: micro algae

3D interpretation for an exhibition and science popularization project for Instituto de Ciencias del Mar (Barcelona, Spain). Modeled species: alexandrium minutum, parvilucifera …

3D creation:" Self Landscape"

3D creation: “Self landscape”

3D creation: “Self landscape”, according to an original concept. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-9ogtOYKUWwJRNka2x1QhXhx5HJSMus1 Personal sculpture projects. Zbrush, Blender. March 2019, Brest.

3D interpretation:"micro-algae"

3D scientific interpretation:”micro-algae”

  3D scientific interpretation of micro-algae for Ifremer Concarneau’s vulgarization exhibit “Art and Science”. Modeling according to photographs (scanning electron microscope). Scientific …

3D interpretation:"pulpit"

3D interpretation: “church”

3D interpretation of 17 th century decorative elements and furniture, for the cladding of the model as part of an exhibition on …

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