3D interpretation: black figure amphorae- Theseus Fighting The Minotaur

3D interpretation: black figure amphora

3D interpretation of black figure amphora representing Theseus fighting the Minotaur. Athens 55-520 BC- BnF dep. coins, medals and antiques. Personal project …

3D interpretation: micro algae

3D scientific interpretation: micro algae

3D interpretation for an exhibition and science popularization project for Instituto de Ciencias del Mar (Barcelona, Spain). Modeled species: alexandrium minutum, parvilucifera …

3D creation:" Self Landscape"

3D creation: “Self landscape”

3D creation: “Self landscape”, according to an original concept. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-9ogtOYKUWwJRNka2x1QhXhx5HJSMus1 Personal sculpture projects. Zbrush, Blender. March 2019, Brest.

3D interpretation:"micro-algae"

3D scientific interpretation:”micro-algae”

  3D scientific interpretation of micro-algae for Ifremer Concarneau’s vulgarization exhibit “Art and Science”. Modeling according to photographs (scanning electron microscope). Scientific …

3D interpretation:"pulpit"

3D interpretation: “church”

3D interpretation of 17 th century decorative elements and furniture, for the cladding of the model as part of an exhibition on …