Scenography of thematic exhibition.

Scenography of thematic exhibition:

3D visuals for a project call (not realized) on the theme of food.

Draw a space to highlight each element
distinctly (narrative, historical, scientific …) while creating
aesthetic visual unity (graphic design, choice of
materials, shapes, colors …) and a spatial coherence in the
unfolded theme.

In order to playfully organize the theme in the place and the chronology, the space is sequenced by different modules:

  • Module/cabinet, showcase the collection of objects;
  • Module/support, allow a flexible attachement ( elements of mediation, pictures, texts, props);
  • Module/multimedia, integrate TV-type elements, touch pad, sound unit to the scenography concealing the technical part;
  • Module/decor, evoke more figurative/decorative elements (ex: garden area);

These panels / modules also have the function of creating perspectives without obstructing the gaze (inside / outside).

Brest, 2019.

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