3D creation:" Self Landscape"

3D creation: “Self landscape”

3D creation: “Self landscape”, according to an original concept. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-9ogtOYKUWwJRNka2x1QhXhx5HJSMus1 Personal sculpture projects. Zbrush, Blender. March 2019, Brest.

3D creation:"tattoos"

3D creation: “tattoos”

3D creation of a tattooed dancer with traditional Japanese patterns. Masks, costumes inspired by Nô theater and Butô dance. May 2018, Brest. …

3D creation: "Luna"

3D creation: “Luna”

3D creation according to original character “Luna” (youth illustration). Original creation: Céline Lyaudet December 2016, Brest. Zbrush, Blender.  

3D creation:"The Red Queen"

3D creation:”The Red Queen”

3D model based on various documents and objets from Mayan culture. Creation inspired by the archaeological excavation that led to the discovery …

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